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The Secrets of Sam & Sam: FAQ

The Secrets of Sam and SamWhat’s The Secrets of Sam & Sam all about?

Sam and Sam are boy-girl twins, at the end of Year 6, about to set off on the school residential trip to Treetops Outdoors Activity Centre. And because they’re both brave and smart and brilliant, they both can’t wait to go on an adventure. Right?


Sam – also known as Captain Samazing, secret superhero – has just found out he’s scared of heights. Sammie – also known as the Good Twin, obviously, duh – seems to have mislaid her best friend.

When there are two of you, will anyone really notice if one of you doesn’t get on the coach?

Shorter version: Two mums, two Sams, a puppy, and a LOT of secrets.

Wait. Two mums?

Yes, the twins have two mums: Mum Gen and Mum K (otherwise known as Dr Genevieve Paget and Dr Kara Skidelsky, Family Therapists and Child Psychologists). One friend who comes to visit finds it a bit confusing, but it’s not really. It’s just what their family is like.


Oh hello! Are there illustrations?

aaronblecha_TRUFsYes! This book is illustrated by Aaron Blecha, and I’m so delighted! You should’ve heard the squeaky noise I made when I first saw the Tiny Robot Unicorn Friends. When someone gets, really gets the idea that was in your head: so happymaking. The cover was designed by Dom Clements. I’m lucky I get to work with such fantastic people.

Who will like this book?

Anyone who likes funny books about feelings and families, and growing up. Some of it is a tiny bit sad too. But not for very long.

Is this part of the Pea’s Book series?

No, but it fits around the Pea’s Book series, like moss on a wall. The Secrets of Sam & Sam happens in the same world as the Pea stories. The Paget-Skidelskys are the same Paget-Skidelskys who live next door to the Llewellyns. This story actually takes place between Pea’s Book of Birthdays and Pea’s Book of Holidays.

Do I need to read the Pea’s Book series to understand The Secrets of Sam & Sam?

Pea's BooksNope! If you’ve read the Pea books, you’ll recognise some characters – but if not everything is explained and introduced for you.

Is Pea in The Secrets of Sam & Sam?

Yes. And Tink and Clover, and Wuffly, and Bree, aka Marina Cove, aka Pea’s Mum. Just as Sam One helps Pea figure out her troubles in her stories, Pea and family join in the twins’ cunning plan.

Is this a new series?

No. But! My next book has ‘Secrets’ in the title, and the Sams will be in it too. It’s set on the same street, in the same part of London – but it’s about a whole new family, and especially about Billie, who is 11 and just starting Year 7. I’m still writing it, so it won’t be out until next year.

Where can I get it?

All good bookshops! If you’d prefer to order online:

Amazon | Waterstones | Blackwells | Hive – supporting indie bookshops

Free international delivery: The Book Depository


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