Ten Alternative Titles

Inspired by Keren David, almost-author of UKYA novelsI’ve noticed your lipstick‘ and ‘Such Boring Clothes, I bring you the Ten Alternative Titles for The Secrets of Sam & Sam (out 30th July).

The rules: Scroll through your manuscript and stop on random place. Whatever you land on becomes one of ten terrible titles.

The Secrets of Sam and Sam1. KILL STUPID JANET
2. Nishat was afraid of bees
3. Atmospheric Conditions: Continuing hummus
4. There is no Dog Tooth Fairy
5. I’d rather be disembowelled
6. A boy and some yoghurt
7. Four slices of bacon in an envelope
8. Despair in a lifejacket
9. I did not actually pack any jumpers
10. Everyone was far too interested in his bottom



Tatum Flynn, author of The D’Evil Diaries

Stephanie Burgis, author of The Kat Stephenson Trilogy

Robin Stevens, author of The Wells & Wong Mysteries



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