Doctor Who

Team TARDIS Diaries: Ghost Town

Join the Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham at Hallowe’en – again and again and again. Time is stuck on one day: why?

The Doctor takes them to Greensville, an abandoned Texan oil town, now home to the secretive Savior Institute. There they find an eco-warrior with good intentions, an old friend and a new enemy that could destroy the whole planet.

Illustrated by Robin Boyden.

Check out Paper Moon by Louie Stowell for another adventure!

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The Target Storybook

We’re all stories in the end…

Learn what happened next, what went on before, and what occurred off-screen in an inventive selection of sequels, side-trips, foreshadowings and first-hand accounts, written by beloved writers and stars from the series.

My story, Punting, imagines that the Fourth Doctor and Romana might have been a lot busier in The Five Doctors than is shown onscreen…