The Secrets Series

The Secrets of the Superglue Sisters

The Secrets of the Superglue SistersShy dancer Georgie and quirky, witchy Jem aren’t just best friends any more; now Georgie’s mum and Jem’s dad are together, they’re going to be sisters! It’s a dream come true. But what’s it really like to suddenly be part of a whole new superglued-together family?
Georgie’s a big sister for the first time. Jem’s great at making friends – but it’s harder when she’s away seeing her mum every weekend. At their new school, strange mean things keep happening. Enter Miss Eagle, their lovely English teacher, with a brilliant plan: a ball of secrets, for everyone to put their worries inside, which they’ll set fire to. Worries up in smoke! But when the ball goes missing, suddenly no one’s secrets are safe.

A kind, funny, family story about making friends, good intentions, giraffes, inappropriate Valentine’s Day poetry, doing Shakespeare in your pants, and giant ostrich eggs.

‘This book features blended families, friendship woes, and, as ever with Susie Day, a total sense of understanding how hard it can be to figure out your place in the world’ – LH Johnson, A Susie Day Reading Guide

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The Secrets of Billie Bright

TheSecretsOfBillieBright_COConfident, sparky 11-year-old Billie loves being part of a busy, noisy, messy family: chirpy cafe-owner Dad and her three big brothers – grown-up Gabriel who’s getting married, disaster-prone Raffy, and sweet sporty Michael. She doesn’t mind being the only girl; just being the littlest. But she’s catching up, starting secondary school, leaving the little girl behind.

When Miss Eagle tells her class to write a Hero Project about someone who inspires you, Billie knows exactly who to choose: her lovely mum, who died when she was little. She can’t wait to pull out her Memory Box, and hear all the old family stories. But no one seems to want to help. When Raffy angrily tells her to choose someone else, she knows something’s up.

Mum left behind a secret. And when Billie unlocks it, nothing will ever be the same…

‘There’s something deliciously Judy Blume-esque about Day’s style, she perfectly describes the mixed angst and bravado of growing up and her characters are filled with warmth and humour – just brilliant’ – Kate Whiting, PA

‘Wonderfully diverse and effortlessly entertaining, Susie’s books are a must for all school libraries, offering an ideal transition for children getting ready to move on to secondary school’ – Booklover Jo, blogger and librarian

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TheSecretsOfSamandSam_coverThe Secrets of Sam and Sam

Sam likes being a twin. He likes having two mums. He likes cheese sandwiches and his dog and being a secret comic-drawing superhero. He does not like hummus – or heights.

His sister Sammie likes being a twin too. She doesn’t like new girl Emily’s best-friend stealing ways – or secrets. Why is Mum K clearing out the attic? And why can’t anyone else see that she’s obviously, definitely, the Best Twin?

When the school residential trip rolls around, featuring the DEATH SLIDE OF DOOM, there’s no alternative.

Time for the Sams to come up with a secret plan of their own…

Meet the very different twins and their very different problems in this hilarious, heartwarming story of modern family life – a standalone spin-off from the Pea’s Book series.

‘subtle, warm portrait of two v different characters, just dipping 1st toe into waters of adolescence’ – Imogen Russell Williams

‘Day is so good. Seriously. Her books are just a constant joy of humour, of emotion, of life and of living’ – Did you ever stop to think?

Praise for Susie Day: ‘effortlessly diverse and extremely addictive’ – Booktrust

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