Short Stories

Love Hurts

love hurts coverAn anthology of excerpts and short stories on the theme of ‘love against the odds’, featuring my short story Tumbling.

I’ve just sort of assumed our Venn diagram would be busy in the overlap. Then we’d hold hands, and gradually as we talked the two circles would slide closer and closer to fit exactly on top of one another, like a lid on a tin. Perfect match. Love.

But our interconnections are basically Sherlock and a declared fondness for girlkissing.

I know she likes Galaxy Quest because she quoted Galaxy Quest one time, but then, who hasn’t? What if deep down she likes ponies and death metal and people with non-broken endocrine systems? What if she only dates girls who can eat dairy products while mountaineering?

And even if 444 miles and my exciting medical history are not a dealbreaker –

Can anyone have a relationship based on six episodes of one TV show?

‘If you’re going to buy this anthology, buy it for Tumbling… Susie Day is an author who just gets what it’s like to be a modern teenager’ – Daisy Chain Books and Beauty

‘made me smile endlessly.  I love that the majority of this short story is about one girl obsessing over her first meeting with her crush. Worrying, second-guessing herself. I can completely relate’ – Fluttering Butterflies

‘This one MADE MY DAY and is probably my all-time favourite’ – Barefoot Whispers


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Mystery & Mayhem


Twelve fiendish mysteries for readers aged 8 and up, from the UK’s leading children’s authors

In my story, Emily and the Detectives, clever Emily quite enjoys being the invisible brain behind the detecting career of her father Mr Black and his fancy friend Lord Copperbole – until Copperbole & Black are appointed ‘Detectives of the British Empire’, and she is sent away to the country. When they are faced with the impossible mystery of The Case of the Deadly Bedchamber, can Emily crack the clues in time to save her father?

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