What to do with your weekend

1. Buy mittens!

Hemiplegia Awareness Week runs all next week: visit Hemihelp to find out how else you can get involved.

2. While you’re out mitten shopping, find yourself a bookshop and celebrate Books Are My Bag day

books are my bagThere are parties and events happening all across the country – click here to find out what’s happening in your home town. And if you’re near Oxford, come along to Blackwell’s, where I’ll be trying out being a bookseller and sharing Bookshop Memories along with brilliant children’s authors Sally Nicholls and Julia Golding – plus a Book Bake-Off, bookseller tours, hidden book tokens and more. (I apologise in advance if I give you the wrong change. I am more a words person than a counting one.)

3. Relax

Probably watch Strictly or something. Have dinner. Go to sleep if you’re sleepy. Do I have to plan everything?

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