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Pea’s Book of Holidays Design-A-Cover Giveaway – winner!

It’s Back To School time (for me too, sob) – but back in those heady days of summer, I asked you to design a fabulously Famous Five-y book cover to celebrate the new audiobook of PEA’S BOOK OF HOLIDAYS.

Pea's Book of Holidays competition

And the winner of a complete set of four PEA’S BOOK audiobooks, badges, bookmarks and marshmallows is…

Grace, age 10, from Hampshire!

Grace chose to illustrate one of Tinkerbell’s longed-for Famous Five titles, Five Get Lost in a Monster Jungle and Get Savagely Eaten By Lions – and what a fantastic job she did! I’m a bit sad I can’t pop down to Waterstones to buy it right now.


I think my favourite part is Anne’s legs. Poor Anne.

She even included an enticing blurb:


A career in publishing beckons, I reckon! In the meantime, Grace, thank you for making me smile, and enjoy your prize. (And please ask a parent or guardian to email me if you’d prefer to receive an alternative to the bag of marshmallows.)


I’ve been hard at work on SAM’S BOOK OF SECRETS for the last few months: more details coming soon.

But till then, I’m hugely looking forward to Wednesday 10th September, when I’ll be joining my lovely editor @ReadingRuthie for Twitter’s #ukmgchat to talk about writing (and reading) series fiction for 8-12s. Readers, writers, parents, booksellers, librarians, teachers, general kidlit booknerdy folks: come and join in from 8pm. From past experience, it will be a joyful riot of typos, burnt dinners, and a bit where everyone goes ‘ooh, I loved that too, I thought it was just me!’


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