Five Things

1. I am not dead!Β  But I have been pathetically quiet lately, due to the typey parts of my brain being busy with TWO honking great book deadlines.

2. I have met my deadlines! Both of them! Whole bookfuls of words with beginnings and middles and ends and everything.

Here is a balloon, because I am quite happy about Thing number 2.

3. EXCITING NEW BIT: one of the books even has a shiny new title! The Series Formerly Known as Mermaid Girls (which you may have encountered me waffling about here) is not being called that, because that’s a stupid name for a book that doesn’t actually have any mermaids in it. (I know. One day I will get better at titles.) Luckily, the kind people at Random House did the hard bit for me, and the first book in the series will be called…


Isn’t it lovely? I’d read that. There will be a second Pea’s Book out in 2012 too, and another one after that. I haven’t written them yet. This is not at all scary. LOOK AT THE BALLOON. KEEP LOOKING AT THE BALLOON.

4. I have been on holiday! To Corfe Castle in Dorset, which is allegedly the template for Kirrin Castle in the Famous Five stories.

Susie in Corfe Castle
Me, in a castle! Do not even ask me what is going on with my hair. I'm in a castle!

I was with littlest niece SP and littlest nephew ESP and their lovely parentals, which meant lots of sandcastles and picture books and MONKEY WORLD, and grown-up conversation in the evenings. It was ACE.

5. There is no number 5. Or rather, there are a billion number 5s because I haven’t blogged in ages, and have since read many lovable things (Cat Clarke and Liz Kessler and Ally Carter and Keris Stainton and a Cory Doctorow from 2003 that is so entirely about e-publishing right now this second that it makes your head hurt), and watched much intriguing telly (New Doctor Who, and New Torchwood, and The Shadow Line (oh Gatehouse, my Gatehouse), and loads of Fringe, and insane amounts of Leverage, several times over), and exciting things have occurred like my kitchen no longer being painted Angry Daffodil, and the discovery that Bananagrams is the best. game. ever. until really whittling them down to one would be silly.

So. Five things. Ish. LOOK AT THE BALLOON!

18 thoughts on “Five Things”

    1. πŸ˜€ Has been a stressy old summer, so v nice to get to enjoy the fruits, as it were. And I love the title too! And my brilliant editor for thinking of it!

    1. TY! And hooray for Jessie Hearts NYC: it has kept me smiling all through the ‘waaah can’t do iiiit’ parts. Such a lovely book – and thank you so much for the namecheck at the end. Made me go all flappity.

  1. Corfe Castle is indeed gorgeous. And we’re big fans of Monkey World over here in Rarg Towers, to the extent that we make an annual pilgramage there – although last year we went at the height of summer, and had to put up with people who shuffled around pointing at spider monkeys and shouting “Oi, Darren! Look at the gorilla!”

    1. Hehe, I thought of you lot as we went round Monkey World: was pretty sure you were a fan. It’s amazing! We found a woolly monkey that dances like Matt Smith. Also a chimp called Susie.

  2. WE LOVE CASTLES!!! Aran has a plan to visit every single castle in Wales and even has a checklist that he’s ticking off. Corfe Castle looks lovely and the Famous Five connection would make me want to visit immediately. But what is this Monkey World of which you speak? Looks like a visit to Dorset is in order for the Henley-Einions. Your hair is beautiful btw. Just saying.

    Oh yes, and congrats on the fine new book title! I’m sure I recognise that from a very long list…

    1. You totally should go! Corfe is massive and brilliant – and there’s tons to do in that area. I’m going back next year for more lashings of ginger beer. πŸ™‚

      Credit for the title must go to lovely Jess at RHCB, but I was still v grateful for the very long list!

  3. Congrats on all the hard work and titles and books and genius and all that stuff!! Sounds like a holiday was in order. πŸ™‚

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