221b Bakery Street

It was only a matter of time – and what better excuse to revisit the geek bakery than a birthday? So, in honour of the happy occasion of the birth of Red Scharlach, creator of the internet’s finest small fannish persons, I present:

Gingerbread Sherlock
Gingerbread Sherlock, and his faithful Watson

Happy Birthday! May your celebrations be worthy of fistfuls of Mrs Hudson’s soothers.

As you may have heard, that nice Mr Cable-Knit there has gone and got himself a rather significant new job. This development has been met with universal whoops of glee and hula-dancing to They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard, swiftly followed by a trembly lower lip at the consequences for Sherlocky fun. (Or perhaps that was just at my house.) However, since Freeman is quite perfect for both roles, I think we can all agree that there’s only one logical solution.

The Adventure of the Bag-End Burglar
Sherlock: The Adventure of the Bag-End Burglar

17 thoughts on “221b Bakery Street”

  1. Um – I feel like I have just wandered into a parallel universe that is behaving like Groundhog Day. Like the cable knit guy. Has my taste in clothes.

  2. They are sooo cute I also like your Doctor Who gingerbread. Only problem is looking at gingerbread makes me hungry.

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