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Splishy Splashy News

BIG NEWS! I’m thrilled to announce my new series MERMAID GIRLS, for readers aged 9+, will be published by Random House Children’s Books next year.

Hey Sus, why in the heckity heck are you writing about mermaids all of a sudden?

I’m not. The MERMAID GIRLS series is about 11-year-old Pea and her sisters Clover and Tinkerbell, and none of them have tails. Or fins. And Pea can’t swim. Their mum, however, is a bestselling super-author-type-lady of a series of books called MERMAID GIRLS, so, you know, title.

Bummer. I wanted there to be Actual Mermaids!

Oh. You should read Marina Cove’s MERMAID GIRLS series, except I made it up so you can’t. Sorry. (Pea has a guilty suspicion they might not be the good, improving sort of books anyway.)

OK. Where can I buy your MERMAID GIRLS book which is apparently not about mermaids at all?

You can’t, because I haven’t finished it yet. The first book will be out in 2012, and maybe the second as well if I behave myself. I EXIST TO MAKE YOU SAD.

I AM NOW SAD. Why are you even telling me about these books which I can’t read and aren’t about mermaids?

It convinces my Mum that I have a proper job. Also, I’ll probably mention them here on the blog and on Facebook, and I thought you might be interested to see how they’re going. Also, I might be accidentally spending all my time eating noodles and watching Due South reruns, and I’ll need keen, prodding sorts of people to poke me and remind me to do some typing every now and then. (Pea makes Special Writing Tea for her mum. I may have to advertise for a Pea of my own.)

BUT BUT BUT I’m not aged 9-12. What happened to your teen/YA books?

I’m still working on a GORGEOUS new summery book for teens, which will be published by Marion Lloyd Books (Scholastic) in 2012 too. It’s about Bluebell, who makes a wish on her 13th birthday and gets a very unexpected present: herself, aged 14. Shenanigans ensue. The shenanigans involve Welsh beaches, top-hatted boys named Merlin, and being IMMERSED IN MOULD. I promise to tell you all about that book too, because it’s lovely.

Wow. It sounds like you have a lot of books to write, Sus.


Should you be getting on with that, then?

Um. Yeah.

What’s that noise?

Dunno. Typing, probably. That’ll be it. IT WOULD IN NO WAY BE THE THEME MUSIC OF DUE SOUTH.

Wish me luck? 😀

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