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The Time of AAAAGH!

The Guardian may think the Daleks win the monster-off, but for the stuff of nightmares nothing can top Weeping Angels.  Blimey.

Gingerbread Who
The Time of Angels. Click if you dare!

Whovians are a crafty lot, btw: check out this spiffy birthday cake, and the magnificent cosplaying femme!Doctors (complete with a really intriguing answer to the ‘why are you doing that, then?’ question). Telly: it’s not just for looking at, you know.

Della Says OMG! – the debut novel from Chicklish‘s co-founder Keris Stainton.  It’s the best/worst night of Della’s life: she kisses the boy of her dreams, only to discover her diary has been stolen – and whoever has it is intent on torturing her, posting extracts online and into her friends’ pockets.  It’s a great set-up for exploring issues of trust and privacy, but above all this is a first-love story, written in sparky, convincing prose.  There’s a strong language warning on the back (which is definitely accurate!), but I hope parents and book-providers aren’t put off giving this to mature younger teens: there are wonderful positive messages in this book, about self-confidence and understanding your own body without shame.  This could be the Forever of the 21st century, girls…

My one quibble is with the cover, which is gorgeous but made me expect a very different book (something more immediately OMG!tastic, like Lauren Myracle’s Internet Girls series, or, erm, Big Woo/serafina67).  But if it makes the book leap off the shelves into readers’ hands, then it’s done its job – and the writing is so fresh, fun and beguiling that you’ll probably be halfway through the book before you’ve noticed.  A teen-lit voice to watch.

Note to self: PLANNING.  We do that now.  I sat down all excited to write the next chapter, and then realised I didn’t know what was going to happen in it or what any of the characters were like.  Have thus ended up with a lovely meandering string of crap jokes about Jane Eyre and ramen noodles, that goes nowhere at all.  (“It’s stream of consciousness, Miss! Virginia made me do it!”)  Also decided this week that Project Poppy is carp personified and I might well throw it away and start again.  So, funtimes.

Crawling to the gym for the first time in 3 weeks, ooer; watching Ashes to Ashes in open-mouthed awe; discovering baked sweet potato and blue cheese (taste: om nom nom; visual: Giant Mouldy Wotsit).

13 thoughts on “The Time of AAAAGH!”

  1. omg that’s fabulous! love it. I spent most of Dr Who behind the door. have to keep watching with eyes wide open but also have to hide. Love Rivers, she’s excellent. Here boy!!

  2. What’s really scary about it is, it terrified me while I was watching it, but it is terrifying me even more the more I think about it. I thought it might be a case of diminishing returns after the brilliance of ‘Blink’, but that scene with Amy locked in the room…brrr.

    River, not Rivers: tsk! She’s wonderful, yep – loved her hanging up her shoes and making herself at home. Can we keep her?

  3. Ah I got mixed up River Song, Rivers Ong. sort of thing. I was only half listening because I was wimpering too much. Definitely should keep her. But is she the wife or daughter? hmmm.

    yes it is indeed much scarier afterwards because of the creeping nature of those bloody angels. and the fact that I spend a lot of my time between two churches. I’m surrounded by stone angels – aaaaaargh!!!!

  4. New Who is ace. Ace ace ace ace ace. I rub my thighs at Amy Pond, and thoroughly approve of Mr Chin-And-Elbows. Even the slightly bogus WW2 episode was chunteringly good Saturday tea-time fun – and unlike many peevish Whofans, I like the Early Learning Centre Daleks.


    1. I swear the Beeb cooked the whole Norton business up as a publicity stunt.

      Pond, oh Pond: how marvellous you are. I watched it again this evening and it was even more brilliant. I thought the WW2 one was bobbins (some great ideas but too much ‘let’s defuse this bomb with THE GOODNESS OF LOVE’ guff), but the Power Ranger/Smarties/iDaleks were a nice 60s throwback (though hate the bumper-car extra width – bendy bus to the classic’s Routemaster). Weeping Angels inexplicably even more terrifying second time out. Moff is king, all hail Moff, etc.

  5. favourite episode still patient zero, and not just because of the setting in Llandaf. Loved the fiesty young Pond and then the police uniform *swoon*. Plus the monster was top. what you don’t see is more scary than what you do. which may go some way to explaining the fear of the angels.

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