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The Snow Queen of Old Oxford Town

Because why should snowmen get all the fun?

snow queen

I know she looks a bit fierce, but I promise she’s ‘armless.


Gloves probably dry now.  Wonder what to make next…  (Shush.  You can totally have a Snow Day even if you already work from home.)

snow queen’s face

book_mini  Thanks to a bumper festive haul, I am festooned with booky goodness.  Continuing my Bloomsbury groupie-ing with Frank Baker’s Mrs Hargreaves, which is the lovely silly tale of what happens when poor Norman’s entirely figmentary 83-year-old loony old dear suddenly turns up on his doorstep, under the impression she really exists.  Quietly philosophical and very funny (ty, S & N!).  Now lolloping through some Ngaio Marsh with great glee.

pencil_mini  HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ANY WRITING WHEN EXCITING WHITE STUFF HAS FALLEN OUT OF THE SKY?  Project Poppy’s plot chasm was leapt pre-Christmas, but am feeling that Januaryish sense of meh.  Also, EXCITING WHITE STUFF.  May have to bribe self into getting today’s 1000 words done with promises of hot chocolate.

rocrastination_mini  Seeing John Barrowman in panto in the company of a 3-year-old (most. fun ever.); sniffling at the very mention of Bernard Cribbins (yet being utterly gleeful at the prospect of Doctor Eleven and Ms Pond taking over TARDIS duties); wondering why it took me so long to finally see Mirrormask (which is beeyootiful, and very reminiscent of Labyrinth: no Bowie in tights, alas; just Andy Hamilton as a hedgehog).

7 thoughts on “The Snow Queen of Old Oxford Town”

  1. That’s a lovely picture of a beautiful object, but there’s snow excuse for making bad puns. It’s unnecessary, inuit?

    Bernard Cribbins rules. Did you see the Chrimble Buzzcocks? Cribbins was by far the funniest person on there. Catherine Tate was a squawking harpy, intent on seeking the attention of every human being on the planet.

  2. There is always time for puns.

    Cribbins is a legend. That Buzzcocks was awesome: I quite enjoyed the booze-addled gibbering of La Tate (you’re biased on that subject, just calm down dear), but the highlight was of course BARROWMAN!!! *shakes fist*.

  3. ah yes, the faboulous Barrowman. We went to see it too – did he shake his booty for you and say ‘it’s a cheap trick but it gets a reaction’ or was that especially for us? Was mildly surprised at just how many of the innuendos our boy understood but then he does hang around with seniors. And us. So no hope there of him staying innocent really.

    But how are you darling? are you still rolling in snow or something darker now? What the hell happened to your site last weekend?

  4. He shook his booty A LOT. Never have I seen anyone enjoy being at work so much, bless him. 3 yr old SP only asked ‘why is everyone laughing?’ the once: she was too busy fretting for the imprisoned Maid Marion and booing with gusto to tussle with innuendo.

    It just snowed again! Bonkers. And what happened to the site was, um, I broke it. (Or ‘upgraded’ as wordpress would put it.) Still imageless but I need to poke about with filepaths and I think it’ll be sorted. Phew. How are you? Sorry I missed you at the weekend!

  5. yes, snowing here as well. whoop! I say this because I mostly work at home, joy. Though not settling yet, if it continues in this manner then the garden will look all pretty again instead of dirty and horrid with what came out after the last lot melted.

    We took a friend’s teenage daughter and she told her mum she enjoyed it more because she was sitting with us and we laughed so much. We were shouting ‘we love you Captain Jack’ and wooping and everything. Alys would have his babies I’m sure.

    WordPress is not easy to break. You must have made a superhuman effort. Well done you!

  6. SP has just about got over her anxiety about the disappearance of Maid Marion, though it did nearly spoil the interval. (This is the version of Robin Hood where she gets disappeared in a box by the Sheriff’s evil witch friend Cassandra, who reappears her (after a reassuring mimed love pageant. On Ice.) having decided that she’s not evil after all and wants to snog Will Scarlett. Pay attention at the back.) She (SP) has now developed a worrying obsession with weddings though. I’m having to do a lot of being Robin, and proposing.

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