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Bake 7

I have no idea at what point the Fabulous Bake-A-Boy Challenge turned into the Fabulous Bake-the-entire-cast-of-Blake’s-7 Challenge, but I suspect Heidi from GIRL MEETS CAKE would approve.  And they are rather adorable…

Bake 7

Clockwise from the left: Cally, Avon, Vila, Jenna, Servalan, Gan, with Blake in the middle.  Before hordes of fellow nerds beat me over the head – yes, I know Servalan isn’t actually one of the 7, but Gingerbread Orac was beyond even my skills.  Vila is a bit rubbish, alas, but I am terribly proud of Blake – and Gan was sort of accidental, but actually the resemblance is uncanny.  (Here’s the real Team Blake demonstrating what sleeves will be like in The Future: personally, I can’t wait.)  I still have a few distressingly naked gingerbread men left in the kitchen, so I may have to make Tarrant and Dayna and Soolin.  Or possibly a nice crickety Fifth Doctor…?

And yes, this is a perfectly sensible way to spend one’s time.  Ahem.  Feel free to join in, anyway: the Bake-a-Boy gallery needs more gingerbready lovemuppets!

book_mini  I’ve just finished Luisa Plaja’s brand-spanking-new Extreme Kissing, which I’m happy to report is every bit as sweet, funny and clever as Split By A Kiss.  Bethany and Carlota are best friends, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have secrets from each other.  Bets is terrified she might be pregnant, while Carlota’s not quite the girl everyone assumes – and their day of ‘Extreme Travelling’ (every move dictated by the random pages of a magazine) isn’t the escape from their troubles they’d hoped for.  The story whizzes along, alternately narrated by ‘good girl’ Bets and ‘wild child’ Lots, and even if you have a sneaking suspicion you’ve worked out Carlota’s secret, there might just be another one underneath… This is Plaja’s real gift: there’s a sense of absolute authenticity about her characters, whose lives (family, school, friends, boyfriends, past relationships, future hopes and fears) are so convincingly fleshed out that you really do end up caring about their multiple worries – and their triumphs too.  And of course, the whole thing feels effortlessly witty: Carlota’s ‘Reverse Goth’ fashion crusade, her tendency to knit under stress, the numerous moments where the girls completely misunderstand one another.  Perfect for Louise Rennison fans who like a little angst in with their teenage escapades!

pencil_mini  It’s publication day!  Girl Meets Cake is properly out in UK shops.  I’m celebrating by eating leftover cake from yesterday’s tea party while writing notes for The Becky Book (which isn’t called The Becky Book at all, obviously, but it’ll do for the minute).  Nom nom *pause for typing* nom.

rocrastination_mini  baking, baking, looking at pictures of Blake’s 7 costumes, baking… 😀

21 thoughts on “Bake 7”

  1. Oh dear. I don’t think anyone has it in Oxford yet either, and Amazon have sold out. Hmm… bear with me, I may have a cunning plan. 🙂

  2. OMG – they are brilliant. Blake is genius – it totally IS him!! Erm – is Avon wearing shorts? While I join with others on the blog in my adoration of Avon – not sure he can carry off leather, studs AND shorts. I have located a gingerbread man cutter and will be borrowing it soonest…..

  3. Blake is spookily easy to render in gingerbread form, it turns out. I think it’s the, um, ‘sturdy’ neck. And now you mention it, Avon does seem to be wearing shorts. Apparently I decided his outfit wasn’t pervy enough?

    I look forward to your contributions! (Can bring cutters with me if you want to wait till the weekend?)

  4. I shouldn’t have looked at this as I am now too ashamed even to start baking… I don’t think my gingerbread men are going to be desirable for anything more than their sugar and fat content. However, the uncannily accurate team above did actually make me cry laughing. Just as well I never wear makeup as it would now be running down my face. Agree with T about the shorts – it’s looking just a bit too fetishwear, surely? Or is that just me not understanding The Future again?

  5. PS – sold out? Before publication day? Go you!

    Um, I was always a bit scared of Avon. Orac was my favourite. But then I was about six.

  6. In the world of Blake’s 7, there is no such thing as too much fetishwear. Especially if you are Avon. (His charms were lost on me as a small person, too, though bless you for having the fishtank as your favourite!)

    I think my sold-outness is entirely down to Mum/them not keeping loads in stock, but I suppose it’s a good sign in theory. 😀 And I am sure your gingerbread contributions will be magnificent (and if not, you can blame them on a 3-year-old). Be warned if you’re using my recipe though – it makes about a kajillion and you may be able to wallpaper entire rooms with the results. They’re really nice though!

  7. Wow! These are excellent Susie, glad you were so inspired. I am still in the planning stages, obviously fantasy is more important to me than the actual eating. Lol. Or maybe I’m more distracted than you are. Are you sure you haven’t got more things to do than bake? Lucky lucky you!

  8. Rarg: I would berate you, but you have a Tiny Person to look after, and that is more important than 1970s sci-fi. THAT’S HOW IMPORTANT SHE IS. Blimey. (No pressure, though! :D)

    Josie: well, I probably could be working on my PhD, but somehow bakery took priority. Possibly this is why the bloody thing remains in my airing cupboard. Anyway, I’ve just worked out how my next book ends (I think), which definitely qualifies as work. Yay!

  9. LOL, the Gingerbread cast of Blakes 7 is amazing! And nice Extreme Kissing review, I agree, it’s a brilliant book!

  10. The only problem is I can’t bring myself to eat any of them…

    Extreme Kissing is such good fun, isn’t it? Loved your interview with Luisa too. 😀

  11. Thanks, I really enjoyed picking her brains! EK is a very fun book, and I can’t wait for the sequel to Split by a Kiss!

    Have you ever thought of doing a Gingerbread Joss baking session? I can just see a little platinum blonde gingerbread man sitting on your table…

  12. Ooh, or a Gingerbread Captain Tightpants? Oh yes! Though I still want to do all ten Doctors, since I remembered I have a Dalek cookie cutter here somewhere. I think I may have to give up writing and take up icing gingerbread TV characters for a living. (You can get paid for that, right?)

  13. I think so. Yes, I’m sure someone would fund that. I’d definitely buy a box-o-Buffy.

    You should put your Dalek cookie cutter to good use and make a Dalek army. And then make a few cyber-men. Oh, the endless possibilities!

  14. what on earth have I started? and I’ve only just got the cookie cutter myself!

    PS Susie do I have to enter a girl mag competition to get to see you? when are you coming over?? bring some ginger servalans I can eat them fine!

  15. Love the Gingerbread Blake’s 7 – nostalgia and biscuits, the perfect combination.

    My boys have been inspired by sci-fi gingerbread to ice their own Red Dwarf collection (I’ve sent you piccies), which kept them occupied for a while in the school holidays. What have you started here????

  16. Oooh, Nicky, am superbly impressed. Genius! I’m making blueberry muffins today, but I think next week might need to be many multiples of Doctor Who.

    Josie – sorry I didn’t get to shower you with Servalans! But thank heaven for you and your gingerbread punning skills (I was trying to get something out of StarBake which really wasn’t going to happen, sigh). Magnificent Red Dwarf crew coming up!

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