The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell Jones

The Twice-Lived Summer of Bluebell JonesWhat if you could have a second chance?

All Bluebell Jones wants for her thirteenth birthday is to be someone else: a carefree, confident teenager, like her big sister Tiger. Mum and Dad’s band are playing tiny Welsh seaside town Penkerry all summer long, so this is it: her big chance to transform into a whole new girl, before Mum’s new baby arrives and she’s a big sister too.

But she won’t have to do it alone. When Blue blows out her birthday candle, up pops Red, her fourteen-year-old self: brave, snarky, and surrounded by brilliant friends – Fifties-obsessed Fozzie, Dan the Donut, and the mysterious, charming Merlin. Red’s everything Blue wants to be. With her help from the future, predicting every embarrassing mis-step, Blue’s guaranteed to have the summer of her life.

But Red’s got a secret…

Don’t look so appalled, Blue. People lie to themselves all the time.’

‘strong characterisation and fabulous writing… an absolute heartbreaker’ – The Bookbag

‘contains all the heart, humour and huggable characters of [her] other books, but it also has a darker edge…the kind of book you want all your friends to read immediately’Chicklish

‘I would really recommend this book because the storyline’s probably like nothing you’ve ever read before if you’re twelve… This is now one of my favourite books’ – We Sat Down

For readers aged 11+

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