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Big Woo

Resolution #1: Be brilliant and interesting and totally honest on here, daily
Resolution #2: Make new friends due to the brilliant interestingness

April 22nd is when ‘The Incident’ happened, last year. Serafina67 gives herself until the next April 22nd to turn her life around – armed with her new internet identity, Crazy Pete the therapist, and the adorable patchworkboy. But her Dad’s marrying a Monster, her best friend’s not so friendly, and she’s eaten so many comfort Pringles she looks Pringnant.

Serafina67 *urgently requires life*. You can get anything online, right?

Big Woo by Susie Day‘The funniest YA book I’ve ever read’ – Keris Stainton

‘a brilliant and well-balanced exploration of the pros and cons of internet friendship and the type of honesty that it’s easier to show online than in person… *loves this book* Totally lolarious and very highly recommended’  Chicklish

‘Georgia Nicolson fans will adore this hilarious headlong teen-blog’ – Julia Eccleshare

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