Pea’s Book of Holidays

Peas'sBookofHolidays_COVERPea can’t wait for the summer holidays to start! Clover’s spending the summer at Theatre Camp, Mum’s staying home to write – and Pea and Tink are heading off on an Enid Blytonish camping trip.

But when Mum confesses she hasn’t written a word of her next book, plans change. Where better to unblock a writer than Corfe Castle, the inspiration for the Famous Five books?

There’s a castle. They’ve got a tent, a dog, and lashings of ginger beer. But real life doesn’t seem to have provided any smugglers at all, and Pea can’t help remembering what people say about Enid Blyton: Terrible books! All the same. So badly written… 

Pea’s perfect summer is no fun at all – until they meet the boys from PIE (Paranormal Investigations Edinburgh), on the hunt for the Grey Lady who haunts the castle ruins. Pea doesn’t believe in ghosts… does she?

‘Whether or not they’ve read about Pea’s previous adventures, young readers will relish the gentle humour of this entertaining contemporary spin on the classic family story. Fans of Enid Blyton will especially enjoy Day’s many nods to (and thoughtful critique of) her books. Perfect holiday reading for readers aged 8 and upwards’Booktrust‘s ‘Books We Like’, June 2014

‘Parts of the novel read like Golden Age stories, part read like ultra-modern tales – often the same parts, in fact! I’m not sure anyone is as good as Susie Day at making a book seem both fresh and timeless’ YAYeahYeah

‘it’s like Christmas for anyone who has a healthy love for Enid Blyton stories, adventure, and Girls And Boys Being Awesome’ – Did You Ever Stop To Think?

‘Side-splittingly funny’ – The Metro

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This is the fourth in the Pea’s Book series.