Pea’s Book of Birthdays

PeasBookOfBirthdays_cover__It’s birthday month in the Llewellyn house! Clover’s having an Alice in Wonderland party, Tinkerbell’s hoping to be sawn in half by a magician – but Pea has no idea what’s right for her big day. All her friends seem to be growing up and leaving her behind.

Pea resolves to become ‘mature and sophisticated’ at once, but a family tragedy makes Pea realise what she really wants for her birthday: for her long-lost Dad to show up.

Tracking him down seems impossible; when your Dad’s called ‘Ewan McGregor’ you can’t just look him up on the internet. But then a letter arrives for Pea that changes everything… could her perfect birthday happen after all?

‘One of the things I adore about Pea is that she’s such a thinking girl… Life is full of anxieties, even when you’re young, and seeing them dealt with in such a reassuring manner is just brilliantJuniper’s Jungle

‘a charming and very witty novel all about being on the edge of growing up and discovering who you are… wonderfully funny’ – Formby Books

‘timeless and fresh at the same time’ – YAYeahYeah

My very favorite in the series (so far! …) – Stephanie Burgis, author of the Kat Stephenson series

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This is the third book in the Pea’s Book series.