Give a signed book this Christmas

Wish you could give a signed children’s book as a present this year?

The book Max Kowalski Didn't Mean It by Susie Day, surrounded by star-shaped lights on a dark blue blanket. A bookplate signed by the author is on top.

I was lucky enough to spend a little bit of November visiting schools, sharing all the secrets behind Max Kowalski Didn’t Mean It – but mostly making the kids do all the hard work.

Author Susie Day holds up a pair of fluffy blue ears in front of an audience of 10+ children, most of them holding up their hands to answer a question.

There was dressing up. There was snow (kind of). There were magical plant superpowers, giant evil pigs, a lonely hedgehog called Abby and a 42-eyed alien who was, tragically, trapped on a planet where everyone else was purple.

There was also this: a little golden friend I took with me to add something even more special to a signed book.

A linocut of a sleeping dragon curled up, with a cutting tool to the right and a print of the linocut in gold ink on white paper

It seemed a shame to keep a golden dragon to myself – so I’m sharing him with you, too.

A signed book is a brilliant present, and I want more readers to be able to have one this year.

A bookplate signed To Rowen, printed with a golden dragon, green

For a personalised, handmade, unique bookplate delivered to you, free, by Christmas, just complete the form below by 15 December 2019. (UK addresses only, sorry.)

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