The Superglue Sisters GIVEAWAY

They’ve arrived! Georgie and Jem – also known as the Superglue Sisters – are now available in all good bookshops.

The Secrets of the Superglue Sisters

Shy dancer Georgie and quirky, witchy Jem aren’t just best friends any more; now Georgie’s mum and Jem’s dad are together, they’re going to be sisters! It’s a dream come true. But what’s it really like to suddenly be part of a whole new superglued-together family?
Georgie’s a big sister for the first time. Jem’s great at making friends – but it’s harder when she’s away seeing her mum every weekend. At their new school, strange mean things keep happening. Enter Miss Eagle, their lovely English teacher, with a brilliant plan: a ball of secrets, for everyone to put their worries inside, which they’ll set fire to. Worries up in smoke! But when the ball goes missing, suddenly no one’s secrets are safe.

I celebrated launch day yesterday with two wonderful workshops at Victoria Primary in Penarth. We travelled in time to a 1948 football match that was interrupted at half-time by the kidnapping of one team’s goalie – and then to an air raid shelter in London during the Blitz, during a fake air raid orchestrated by criminal mastermind ‘The Snake’ to cover a theft above ground while the houses were left empty… Amazing!

Thank you to all the staff and students for being so creative and enthusiastic, even at the end of a hot day. And much gratitude to the wonderful Mel from Griffin Books for handling book sales. Griffin Books is a gorgeous independent bookshop and they’ve always been very good to me; if you buy books from Hive and don’t have a local indie to support, please look them up!

Find out more about how Hive works here. (They often have better offers on than a certain other well-known online bookshop…)


Would you like to win a signed copy of THE SECRETS OF THE SUPERGLUE SISTERS? Of course you would.

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