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COVER REVEAL: new jackets for all!

Remember when I showed you the amazing cover for my next book, The Secrets of Billie Bright? (It’s still a peach. I’m still crying. Aieeee.) And remember how I promised there were new amazing covers for all the Peas and Sams too?

Well, what with it being ONLY ONE MONTH till they’re in the shops, I thought it was about time you got to coo at them too.

Here’s the first one I saw, for the first in the Pea’s Book series.


Look! Hair! Freckles! Gorgeous typography, and just joyfully lovely artwork from Lisa Horton. And here’s the full set of Peas and Secrets (so far):

WOW. They all have brilliant contrast spines too with glorious little details. I am a lucky, lucky writer.

Unfortunately you now have to wait till 7th July 2016 to own them in their shiny beautifulness. But till then, here’s a peek at the back cover of Billie:

Billie Bright- the back cover blurb

Out 7th July 2016 from Penguin Random House | available from all good bookshops

Amazon | Waterstones | Blackwells | Foyles | (supporting independent booksellers) | The Book Depository (free international delivery)


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