The Secrets of Sam and Sam: COVER REVEAL!

Sometimes the loveliest things appear in your inbox when you aren’t expecting them at all. Next to an email telling you you’re finally allowed to show them to other people, instead of sitting on your hands and mumbling whenever anyone mentions that new book of yours that’s coming out in the summer. So, without further ado, here is the amazing cover for THE SECRETS OF SAM & SAM

The Secrets of Sam and Sam

Sam likes being a twin. He likes having two mums. He likes cheese sandwiches and his dog and being a secret comic-drawing superhero. He does not like hummus – or heights.

His sister Sammie likes being a twin too. She doesn’t like new girl Emily’s best-friend stealing ways – or secrets. Why is Mum K clearing out the attic? And why can’t anyone else see that she’s obviously, definitely, the Best Twin?

When the school residential trip rolls around, featuring the DEATH SLIDE OF DOOM, there’s no alternative.

Time for the Sams to come up with a secret plan of their own…

Meet the very different twins and their very different problems in this hilarious, heartwarming story of modern family life – a standalone spin-off from the Pea’s Book series.

out 30th July 2015 from Penguin Random House

The shoes! The squid! The doodly shiny goodness!

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that this is also a new title reveal. This started life as SAM’S BOOK OF SECRETS, singular. But Sam is a twin, and if you’ve read the Pea’s Book series you’ll know that Sam Two is the sort of girl who will insert herself all over the place, welcome or not. And she’s got secrets, just like her brother, only SAMS’ BOOK OF SECRETS looks like a typo.

So. THE SECRETS OF SAM & SAM it is, and I love it to bits. Hope you like too.

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