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Ready those wallets: June 5th is upon us

You know how there’s a Super Thursday in October, when all the big new buy-this-for-Uncle-Phil-for-Christmas books come out?

Well, it feels rather like there’s a new one just for kids and Young Adults, for the summer holidays – and it’s today. There are so many BIG new titles coming out on June 5th 2014 that brilliant blogger Jim at @YAYeahYeah set up Countdown to June 5th, pairing up THIRTY-ONE authors with bloggers to celebrate the occasion – and that THIRTY-ONE isn’t even all of us.

18070753It feels dead exciting, to be honest. I’ve been lucky enough to read a few of the books coming out in advance: like Robin Stevens’ glorious 1930s boarding school murder mystery Murder Most Unladylike, and the hilarious ‘last summer before university’ (and quite filthy, FYI) YA Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison, both of which I happily waffled about on the first of monthly episodes of radio show Down the Rabbit Hole on Resonance FM last week (30 mins of kidlit chat! Much of which is in my weird radio voice, sorry).

blueThere are books I’ve heard trusted friends raving about, like Lisa Glass’s surfing YA Blue, or Helen Grant’s deeply spooky Demons of GhentI’m longing to get my hands on War Girls, an anthology of short stories with an author list to make you weep. And then there’s the postponed books too (because publishing is like that sometimes): Keren David’s Salvage (paperback release) is UKYA at its finest, all classes clashing and nuanced characterisation; Keris Stainton’s Starring Kitty is the first book I’ve ever cover-blurbed and I’m so proud to be singing its praises I might never shut up. (Both are due in July. Hooray!)

And that’s barely scratching the surface. (Seriously. If I listed everything I’d be here for days – so apols to all the lovely authors I haven’t mentioned.)

There’s also this:

Pea's Book of Holidays


Which I’m so stupidly proud of I may be presently making small fondant ghosts with smiley faces for the launch party. (I’ve never had one of those before – but soon there will be photos. Of the fondant ghosts. And the magical indoor campfire. And also of my very special guests, who deserve a proper blogpost of their own later this weekend.)

Aaanyway: when I’m not hugging myself with glee that people are already saying such lovely things about Pea’s Book of Holidays, I’m feeling very grateful to be here, now, part of this. Huge thanks to Michelle and Cicely for hosting me and to Jim for fantastical organisational skills in coralling all us wayward writers!

My Countdownto5thJune blogs:

Five Go Thinking About Blyton’s Inadequacies as a Writer: how Enid Blyton created and almost destroyed Pea’s Book of Holidays – at Fluttering Butterflies

Susie Day interview: cheese, Doctor Who and diverse books for kids – at CicLovesBooks

I shall also be attending a riotous ##5thJuneParty on twitter, and taking the opportunity to distinguish myself amongst the many other titles released by producing a #BookCoverSelfie. Me as Pea , clutching a cornetto and a tent, at last…

Happy Book Birthday, everyone! And happy reading to the rest of you. And if you’d like to add a lovely green Pea to your bedside table,  please feel free.

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