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Will there be more Pea’s Books?

Now that Pea’s Book of Birthdays is out (in bookshops! I’ve seen it on a real actual shelf and everything!), several kind readers have been in touch to ask: will there be more?

Pea's Book of Birthdays

When I was writing Pea #3, I honestly didn’t know myself. I kept putting off writing the last chapter, in case it really was their last. It was on my mind so much, it even ended up as part of the plot – with Pea fretting that Mum might stop being ‘Marina Cove’, author of the Mermaid Girls stories, and do boring grown-up books with a shoe on the cover instead.

So I’m utterly delighted to share the news that Pea will be back next spring in a brand new book.

Pea’s Book of Holidays will send Pea and co off to the village of Corfe Castle – the inspiration for Enid Blyton’s Famous Five stories – to cure Mum’s writer’s block. Expect a ghostly mystery, wet tents, and lashings of ginger beer.


And that’s not all…

I’ve always had a stupid amount of fun writing Pea’s next-door neighbours – the Paget-Skidelskys, two Sams and their two mums – so I’m every bit as delighted to tell you that after Pea #4 will be a book all about Sam One. (I know! I’m so excited!) Sam’s an easy-going sort of chap (especially compared with his troublemaking sister), happiest when he’s working on his Mr Samazing! comic with his friend Pea. But as the school residential activity week begins to loom ever closer, Sam finds more and more reasons to feel nervous. He needn’t panic, though: Sam Two’s got a cunning plan to get him out of it without Mum Gen or Mum K knowing a thing, and it can’t possibly go wrong… right?

A big daft thank you to all the team at Random House, especially my superhero editor Ruth Knowles, and biggest daftest thank yous to everyone who’s read and enjoyed and said kind things about Pea’s adventures so far. I hope this news makes you grin even half as much as it does me. 🙂

For a chance to win books and exclusive Pea badges, get yourself over to my Writing Competition – closing date 26th July 2013.

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