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New Year, New Pea

Crikey, my new book is out! Today! Right now! Cor.

Most of my head is still so full of post-Christmas ‘Huh?’ that I can’t quite get my brain around it. By total chance, PEA’S BOOK OF BIG DREAMS starts in exactly that slumpy January place.

… It was bad enough having that flat feeling that the end of December always brought. The house felt empty: no tall lit-up Christmas tree in the corner, no tinsel, no cards on strings or presents waiting to be unwrapped; only the occasional ‘Ouch!’ as you stepped on an old pine needle.
But now they needed to find a new Vitória too.
A whole new person to live in the little flatlet off the kitchen and look after them.
A stranger, moving into their home.
Pea found it a very scary prospect.

Pea's Book of Big DreamsBut of course finding a new Vitória proves to be the least of Pea’s troubles, after a run-in with her new English teacher Mr Ellis (boo!) throws her whole future into doubt. If she can’t be a writer like she’s always dreamed, what will she do with her life?

It’s basically about Pea’s midlife crisis – plus a wonky dog, OWLS, shampoo, KFC, rice krispie cakes and the meaning of Art.

I loved writing this book. I got to pinch my favourite bit of a Virginia Woolf novel, sort of (though her version doesn’t have any mobile phones in it as far as I recall). There’s a bit about varieties of cheese which I typed very quietly while hiding behind a tree in the middle of an unexpected outdoor judo lesson. Even the things that ended up on the deleted pile (alas poor Niblet, a hamster of infinite apple-cube-eating) were fun. It made me think lots, too, about the difference between what you do and who you are. Mostly it made me giggle. I hope it does the same for you.

Click for more info, buying options and sample chapter-and-a-half

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