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Peas and Hay

It is a truth universally acknowledged that blogs beginning with ‘oops, haven’t blogged for ages, here are my excuses’ are a bit pants.  Save me the trouble and imagine a paragraph here filled with hilarious IT-based woes, will ya? It should contain the phrases ‘you’re using Vista?’ and ‘No, I don’t know why you can access every website on the entire internet apart from your own’, a tragical peeeuw noise, and me buying a new laptop.

At least I’ve got an apple and a glass of water, eh?

(I’ve also had a small, moderately disgusting operation, with the result that a nurse pokes seaweed – yes, you read that right – into my back twice a week until I’m healed. And I bought an xbox. Also I can’t stop singing along to Barry Manilow songs on Spotify. It’s probably a good thing I haven’t been able to blog lately, right?)


I had planned to blog about Girls Heart Books turning one year old, and the fabulousness of UKYA, and about my amazing editor Marion Lloyd having the sheer front to go and retire later this year. *sobs*

But the peeeuw noise ate all that, so instead: EXCITING THING!

Pea's Book July 2012I’m going to be introducing Pea (and her Book of Best Friends) to the world at the Hay Festival, on June 8th at 1pm. I know! I am absurdly excited.

However… while I am giddy at the prospect of blethering in a tent, I appreciate that I’m there to talk about a book you can’t have read yet because it isn’t out until July. So, here are my FIVE very good reasons why you should buy a ticket:

  • My parents are coming. If no one else comes, it’s quite possible that the Q&A will consist of me answering the questions ‘Why don’t you ever answer the phone?’ and ‘Are you sure you should’ve worn that?’ SAVE ME.
  • This is the very first time I’ll be talking about Pea (and Clover, and Tinkerbell, and Wuffly the dog, and Mum who writes children’s books, and all the rest). I will possibly implode with enthusiasm onstage like a wonky firework.
  • It’s also the very first time anyone will be able to get their hands on Pea’s Book of Best Friends (signed by me, obvs), so you can be all smug and hipster and ‘I was into Pea way before everyone else’.
  • In addition to the masses of lovely bookshops in Hay, on June 8th you can also see Cathy Brett, Philip Reeve, Sarah McIntyre, Louise Rennison, The Sainted Jacqueline Wilson (who is not on at the same time as me: phew) and many more.
  • It would make me really happy to meet you.

You can get tickets here.

Hay on Wye
Hay-on-Wye. Bookshop heaven.

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