30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 3, 4, 5

Day 3: Favourite Food

This presented a challenge, as I am a) indecisive and b) a bit piggy.  The only logical result was to create a delightful medley of all my favourite foods.  So, ladies and gentlemen, I present


Ultimate Sandwich of Doom
Contains nuts. And sprouts. And Milkybar.


The make your own Ultimate Sandwich of Doom at home, you’ll need:

1 slice crusty white bread from High Street Bakery, Penarth

Bacon and tomato sauce


Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Beef

Ginger Tablet

Prawn gyoza

Brussels sprouts

Peanut Butter (crunchy, obviously)


1 slice wholemeal GI bread from High Street Bakery, Penarth

On reflection, I have forgotten to add raspberries. And stilton. But that’s probably OK.


Day 4: Favourite Place

Money Tin Garlic!
Clue: it's quite big.

Got it?

Anyone suggesting I am bailing out on actual ‘drawing’ here can argue the finer details with Eliot from Leverage.

Eliot says GRR

(He’s nothing to do with the challenge, he just seemed to want to be drawn on the wall.)


Day 5: Best Friend

OK, now, I’m a grown-up, so I don’t really have one of these.  Therefore here is a picture of my best friend when I was about five.


Her name was Chloe, she moved away, and all I remember about her is that she had loads of lovely hair. (Which is why she hasn’t got a proper face. Sorry Chloe.)


The 30 Day Drawing Challenge


8 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 3, 4, 5”

  1. I love you enough not to defriend you for this post, but it was a very near thing. ;_______________;

  2. It’s a very nice drawing….perhaps a little too much detail of the sprouts nestling onto the peanut butter….That GI bread is good enough to cope with most things, but you may have challenged it too far 🙂

    1. I think the beef/tablet juxtaposition is the only really wrong one there. But that is probably wrong enough for a lifetime.

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