30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 6, 7, 8

Day 6: Favourite Book Character

I’m starting to think I don’t have a ‘favourite’ anything. Not even about really important things, like cheese or Doctor Who. So this is a ‘book character I really like and if you’d asked me on a different day I’d say someone else, probably’ sort of answer.

Cassandra Mortmain
Cassandra Mortmain, from I Capture the Castle

Day 7: Favourite word

I know. An adverb. Novelist Kryptonite. I don’t care, I like it, it is understated and simple and lovely.

Ceci n'est pas un drawing. Bof.

Day 8: Favourite Animated Character

At last, an easy one. I luff him. All stories should have a toy who doesn’t know he’s a toy in them.

Buzz Lightyear
To Infinity, and Beyond!


30 Day Drawing Challenge


13 thoughts on “30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 6, 7, 8”

  1. loving the buzz light yeari must say… and my older sister has read ‘I capture the castle’ and loved it…. however i’m too busy catching up on my reading to have a look into my grandma’s ‘Classics collection’ yet. Oone of my favourite characters from all time would be Mary from ‘The secret garden’ Her stuborness and lack of ability to do anything for herself made me laugh, but i also felt sorry for her, although she didnt seem to care less when her parents passed away. I have a question… and please let me know if it is a good idea.. or if it is not 😀 I’m wanting to write a book in letter form. A series of letters, i thought this might be slightly different… and if you get the time could you think this idea over…. thanks ever so much love leah xx

    1. Thanks Leah! The Secret Garden is one of my all-time favourites too: I love how Mary just isn’t a very nice person for most of it, but you can understand why.

      Your book idea sounds great! Telling the story via letters would be a really clever way to show different points of view on the same events, and to show off distinctive aspects of each character by the different styles of writing they use. Love it. 😀

  2. Thanks, im gunna start right away:D By the way i was just wondering if you did book signings and things. I was searching your page for events but couldnt find any. Leah xox

    1. That’s because I’m busy drawing pictures of Buzz Lightyear. Er, I mean writing! I’m hard at work on a new series and a new standalone novel so no visits or events planned for a little while – but hopefully lots when the new books come out next year! I’ll make sure to put any new event plans up here on the site.

  3. I wish. …retinous. Or possibly …lumsy. Not sure what happened there. I think what I was trying to say was…

    C’est un tres beau photo, neanmoins. But my browser obviously had the pretentious filter turned on.

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